Sewing Machine Needles Selection Guide (Top Picks)

Sewing Machine Needles Selection Guide (Top Picks)

In terms of quality, the right sewing machine needle can help you make your quilts and crafts a stitch above the rest. The wrong needle can cause problems you want to avoid, like breakage and missed stitches.

Here is the list of the best sewing machine needles to have and use for every style, size and brand of sewing machine, for any project. It’s here to help you get the best sewing results possible by choosing the right machine needle for your home sewing project.

Quilting, piecing, sewing or stitching, whatever your project calls for here are our top recommendations for success. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see the Disclosure Policy.

  1. Universal – Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles

  2. Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles

    This universal go-to needle kit will probably become your favorite like it did for me. It has a good assortment of needles that do well on embroidery, piecing, regular sewing and everything in between.

    If you don’t want to get an assortment of different types of machine needles from different manufacturers this universal needle kit may be for you.

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  3. Embroidery • Singer Chromium Needles (5 Pack)

  4. Singer Sewing Machine Needles

    For your embroidery applique projects you’ll likely love using these chromium embroidery needles made by Singer. They work really well on Quantum embroidering sewing machines and include 5 needles.

    You’ll probably use these as often as you grab a universal needle because they are easy to change and set up.

    More Embrtoidery Options

  5. Ballpoint • Organ Titanium Needle

  6. Organ Ballpoint Sewing Machine Needles

    Try these titanium ballpoint needles from Organ to do some ballpoint stitching and you may fall in love with them, I think I got mine for free with another purchase, bonus!

    The 90/14 size works best with most sewing machines but that’s a personal preference. They are available in different sizes and are fairly innexpensive, definitely worth trying.

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  7. Denim • Schmetz Sewing Machine Needle

  8. Schmetz Denim Sewing Machine Needles
    Do you hate it when your sewing needle breaks mid-seam on Jeans? Schmetz offers these sturdy denim needles perfect for reducing needle breakage on denim and jean applications.

    Size 90 / 14 is best for light denim, size 100 / 16 typically handles all home denim sewing and size 110 /18 is for the toughest jean materials, or even multiple layers of denim.

    Alternative Jean needles

  9. Leather • Klasse Sewing Needles

  10. Klasse Leather Sewing Machine Needles
    Lets face it, if you sew patterns using leather long enough you know all about how hard it can be on your sewing machine and on your needles. Leather is tough and wears needles out quickly, but there are needles up to the challenge.

    For example, these real leather sewing needles by Klasse have a strong chisel point that penetrates leather easily and minimizes needle breaks. For synthetic leather a common universal needle is enough.

    View all leather needle sizes

  11. Metallic • Metal Fabric Needles

  12. Schmetz Metalic Sewing Machine Needles

    Metallic threads require specialized metallic sewing machine needles with larger eye holes.

    These needles are awesome at preventing thread breakage because they have a long groove on one side that protects your thread.

    More Metallic Options

  13. Quilting • Janome ‘Purple Tip’ Needles

  14. Janome Quilting Sewing Machine NeedlesQuilting requires a wide range of needle types, don’t you hate it when you don’t have the right needles available? Broken needles, broken threads, they can take the wind out of your creative energy.

    Janome’s purple tip stretch quilting needles are a life saver for the times you need to piece lighter quilt sections together, consider having a set ready to use before you start your next quilt.

    Alternative quilting needle choices

  15. Serger • Ball Point Needles

  16. Singer Serger Sewing Machine Needles
    These serger sewing needles are perfect for your medium weight knitted fabrics. They also work really well on synthetic fabrics making them a must have for your knitting box.

    Ball point sewing needles are a good beginner needle, they are more forgiving than other types of needles, but just like with other needle/fabric combinations you begin to like what you use most. I love these.

    Additional Serger needle options

  17. Sharps • Groz-Beckert Sewing Needles

  18. Groz-Beckert Sharps Sewing Machine Needles
    For large eye microtex projects Groz-Beckert sharps sewing needles are up there with the best.

    I’m not sure if it’s because of their inspection process or German engineering, probably both, but Groz-Beckert needles perform well.

    Similar sharps options

  19. Stretch • Schmetz Twin Needles

  20. Schmetz Stretch Twin Sewing Machine Needle
    Although we prefer Singer twin needles on most fabrics we found that twin needles made by Schmetz were a slightly better needle option for stretch fabrics. The difference is minimal but as you know, comfort with your machine and needle choice results in more satisfying results.

    How sturdy each tyne of a twin needle is affects results when sewing stretchy fabrics, for best results they need to remain perfectly uniform.

    See more stretch needles

  21. Topstitch • Klasse Top Stitch Needles

  22. Klasse Top Stitch Sewing Machine Needles
    The eye of a topstitch sewing machine needle is twice the size of the eye on other needle types, that’s why we like it. Klasse makes this topstitch needle with a perfect groove to protect your sewing threads.

    If you want to avoid shredding of fraying of your thread while topstitching we think you’ll love this needle.

    Show me more

  23. Twin • 4mm Sewing Needles

  24. Singer 4mm Twin Sewing Machine Needle For pure twin sewing machine needle performance, on every fabric type with minimal stretch, you’ll enjoy the 4mm twin needle style made by Singer. Personal preferrence is part of selecting the right machine needle so find your own groove. For us, this machine needle feels a stitch above the rest in terms of quality.

    Note: Twin needles are exceptionally useful to use on stretch fabrics because they add strength and durability to your patterns. They can be used on almost any fabric, especially if you need zigzag action but not the extra work of sewing it twice. This machine needle can save you time and money.

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  25. Triple • Schmetz Size 3.0 Needles

  26. Schmetz Triple Sewing Machine Needle
    This marvelous size 3.0 triple needle allows you to stitch three rows of thread at a time on one bar. It’s a wonderful time saver and helps create three uniform rows of stitching at a time, back to back.

    Size 3.0 is the most versatile of accessories sold. Several brands manufacture a similar needle but we think you’ll find the Schmetz type among the best. It’s best to stock up on sewing machine supplies, like yarn kits and storage products, when they are on sale.

    Alternative triple needle options

  27. Industrial • Organ 80 / 12 Needles (10 pk)

  28. Organ 80 / 12 Sewing Machine Needles
    Industrial strength needles are for industrial sewing machines, however, they work well on home sewing machines. Several brands make them for home machines. Example: This 80 /12 Industrial needle by Organ is a top 3 choice perfect for finishing that summer polyester or cotton fabric craft project.

    Industrial needles are designed to last longer, work faster and require less maintenance than other sewing machine needles. If you sew a lot of sew heavier weight fabric or thread consider keeping a couple of these in your sewing kit, you never know when you might need one.

    More industrial needle types

About Sewing Machine Needle Selection

Choosing the right sewing machine needle type for your fabric and pattern is exremely important in achieving quality results. Univeral machine needles give good results on a wide range of fabrics but are rarely the best option for any single fabric type.

For best results a good basic selection of sewing machine needles shiould include a universal machine needle, a quilting needle and a serger needle. With these you can complete almost any home sewing task. A good 4th needle type to have in your craft kit is a sturdy sharps needle for piecing.

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