Best Sewing Needles To Use With Silk

When sewing with silk, use a needle that is sharp and fine in order to prevent damaging the delicate fabric.

A needle size of 10/70 or 11/75 is a good choice for most silk fabrics.

Another important factor to consider when sewing with silk is the type of needle.

A universal needle or a sharp needle will work well for most silk fabrics, but if you are working with a very fine or delicate silk, you may want to try using a top stitch needle or even a microtex needle.

Microtex needles are finer and sharper than a universal needle and can help prevent damaging the fabric as you sew.

Test a few different needle types to see which one works best for your particular project.

What a 90 14 needle is used for

90/14 needles are suitable for medium weight fabrics, slightly heavier weight cotton, polyester, linen and lightweight upholstery fabric.

Lighter weight fabrics such as silk require a smaller sized needle. The lighter the fabric, the smaller the needle required.

The best sewing machine needle for cotton

The best needles for sewing cotton fabric are medium-sized needles such as 80/12 and 90/14.

They work well with quilting pieces, lightweight upholstery, denim, cotton, silk and other fabrics of similar weight.

How to finish silk seams

For the perfect silk seam finish, wrap the sewn edges together by sewing them in and make sure they are flat.

Shorten the stitch length to 2 mm to reduce the number of puckers you have.

Try not to pull the silk fabric through your machine, just guide it, and keep a little pressure before and after the stitch so the silk stays tight.

Best sewing needles to use with silk

How to know what sewing machine needle to use

Smaller needles are best used on lighter weight fabric, and larger needles work best on heavier weight fabric.

The thread used for your sewing project will determine the size and type of needle you choose.

In general, product labels will tell you which fabric type they were designed for.

About size 11 sewing machine needles

Size 11 needles work well on light-medium weight knit fabrics and are the recommended needle size for light to medium weight embroidery.

Size 11 works especially well when quilting with polyester thread. A size 11 needle should be part of a good basic sewing kit.

The best sewing needle for satin

A standard needle should be fine to use on satin cloth.

I personally prefer a slightly smaller needle and find the results to be better.

Avoid large, heavy-duty needles because they pierce large holes in satin, and avoid very fine pointed needles because they are more likely to develop barbs.

Choosing the best needle for free motion quilting

For free motion sewing machine quilting, choose the needle size that best suits the weight of your thread.

As a general rule, 40 wt thread requires a size 75 needle.

Unless you are piecing together extra thick padding, a small to medium-sized needle that is sharp to slightly rounded will work fine.

The best machine quilting stitch length

The best stitch length for machine quilting is 2.5 to 3.0 which will give you 8 to 12 stitches per inch.

Adjust your stitch length based on fabric thickness and weight, Stronger fabrics often require fewer stitches per inch, but pieces with heavy padding require more.

What 80 11 needles are used for

Singer regular point needles are used for standard stitching performed by a home machine.

Needles of size 80/11 are best used with lightweight woven fabrics and can be used by Singer, Brother, Kenmore and other quality sewing machines.