Examples of Notions in Sewing

Examples of Notions in Sewing

In sewing, notions are small accessories such as buttons, snaps, and collar stays that are attached to a finished article. In haberdashery small sewing tools such as needles, thread, pins, and seam rippers are also collectively called notions.

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Sewing Notions Purpose

When attached to a garment or quilt, sewing notions embellish the sewing project and infuse it with a touch of personality. An otherwise common sewing pattern can be made unique by adding sewing notions, for example. Loosely translated, notions in sewing means a small collection of randomly mixed and matched sewing items.

In haberdashery it's not uncommon for small sewing tools to be called sewing notions. In this context the sewing notions are part of a sewing kit and not necessarily meant to be attached to a sewing project, though they could be.

Types of Notions in Sewing

Sewing Needles

Sewing needles are the most common notions in sewing, they are found in virtually every sewing kit, from beginner to expert. Sewing needles of any type, hand or machine, with other small sewing tools is collectively called notions.

Sewing Threads

Small bobbins of thread are considered notions in sewing and haberdashery, they are interchangeable, add a touch of flair to any sewing project and can fit in a small container with other notions.

Pins and Pincushions

Pins and pin cushions are common items in the sewing kit of every seamstress. Although individual pins and pin cushions all serve the same purpose they differ in color, shape and size. As a result they are referred to as notions, part of a group of items needed in sewing.

Seam Rippers

Together with other small cutting tools, seam rippers differ in size, shape and color and are common notions found in sewing kits. Seam rippers are not usually attached to a sewing project, they are referred to as notions in the sense that they are common sewing tools.

Fasteners, Zippers and Buttons

Fasteners, zippers and buttons are all common small sewing objects primarily used in sewing garments. What makes them fun notions is that they are colorful and can be sewn onto any sewing project to create a unique color pattern and design. Use you imagination when choosing the shape, size and color of your notions!

Sequins and Rhinestones

Applying sequins and rhinestones to a sewing project is a more traditional method of embellishing the garment or quilt. Designed specifically for this purpose, sequins and rhinestones are sewn onto sewing projects to add sparkle, shine and personality.

Laces and Ribbons

Perhaps my favorite notions, laces and ribbons add a bit of structure to a sewing project but they don't have to be functional. They can dangle and flow freely and make a great accent piece on garments and quilts.

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