Can I Use Strong Thread In Sewing Machines?

Extra strong thread is typically used for sewing heavy fabrics, such as leather or canvas.

It’s also used in sewing projects that will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, such as bags or outdoor gear.

I use it for sewing projects that require a lot of strength and durability, such as upholstery or automotive interiors.

Using extra strong thread in a sewing machine can help to prevent the thread from breaking or the fabric from tearing, and can ensure that your sewing projects are strong and durable.

Just remember to use a needle that is suitable for the type of thread you are using.

I find that using the wrong needle can cause the thread to break and/or the fabric to bunch up.

Using all-purpose thread while quilting

All-purpose and quilting specific threads are both safe choices for hand quilting.

If you want to stick with all-purpose thread for your quilting project, make sure it’s appropriately sized.

Thin all-purpose thread will work well for appliquéing heavy quilts, otherwise a medium thread should do the job nicely.

Thread types (and number) to use on a serger

Regular thread DOES work on a serger sewing machine, but will run out more quickly.

The number of threads to use at one time depends on the machine. A 2-4 serger sewing machine requires two to four threads, depending on setting.

Likewise, a 3-4 Serger requires a minimum of three and maximum of four threads and a 5 thread serger machine requires five threads.

The meaning of thread ‘Tex’

Thread Tex refers to its weight. Tex is a measurement system that uses 1,000 meters of thread per gram as the starting point.

If 1,000 meters of thread weighs one gram, it is labeled ‘Tex 1’. If it weighed 5 grams, it would be labeled Tex 5.

Fine(light) threads thus have a low Tex number, and thick (heavy) threads have a higher Tex number.

Extra strong thread use in sewing machines

How to spot good bobbin thread

Good bobbin thread is as strong as any sewing machine top thread.

Go ahead and compare their tensile strength by seeing how easily they break.

Pull the bobbin thread tight and scratch it lightly to see if it frays.

Good bobbin thread should not be any more breakable than standard high quality thread.

Zigzag vs straight stitch strength(s)

A straight sewing stitch is strong because it focuses all the fabric tension along the same axis (same line) between two pieces.

100% of the thread in a straight stitch is directly holding both pieces together.

A zigzag stitch makes the thread alternate in direction between each side, effectively increasing the amount of thread used but decreasing its strength.

However, in terms of durability, the zigzag stitch is more durable.

How to identify Polyester thread

Identifying polyester thread is simple – Reading the label will typically tell you if your thread contains nylon, cotton or polyester.

If there is no label, carefully burning the thread end in a well ventilated area works for identification purposes because Polyester thread melts, it doesn’t burn.

Using regular sewing thread for embroidery

You can use regular sewing threads for your hand stitching.

The results are much like working with embroidery threads and yield a distinct appearance.

Don’t be afraid to use regular thread with most embroidery projects for a distinctive finish.

How to choose the right thread for sewing

Thread is available in many weights and sizes. Matching thread thickness with fabric thickness and weight generally gives good results.

Thick thread tends to be stronger and more visible than fine thread, so determine how much seam stress your sewing project will be subjected to and choose thread thickness accordingly.

Popular thread for serger sewing machines

The most popular thread used in serger sewing machines is Polyester thread because of its strength, durability and flexibility.

Some sewing projects require a specific thread type, such as nylon or cotton thread, but most do not.

Polyester thread also has the benefit of being slightly less expensive and more durable overall.