Maxi-lock thread is popular (but is it good?)

by Kelsi Watts: Maxi-lock thread is a popular brand of thread used for sewing, quilting, and other textile projects. It is known for its strength and durability, as well as its ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Maxi-lock thread is considered to be a high-quality thread that is well-suited for a wide range of sewing and quilting projects. It is often used by professional sewers and quilters, as well as by individuals who are looking for a strong and durable thread for their projects.

Many people who use Maxi-lock thread report that it performs well and holds up well over time, even when subjected to frequent use and harsh conditions.

It's important to note that the quality of any thread can vary depending on the specific product and the conditions it is used in. Some people may not be satisfied with the performance of Maxi-lock thread, and may prefer to use another brand or type of thread for their projects. Ultimately, the best thread for your needs will depend on the specific project and your personal preferences..

About 'Moon' brand thread

Moon is the brand name of a popular thread manufactured by Coats inc. Moon Thread is made of all-purpose spun polyester ideal for sewing by hand or in consumer machine sewing(including overlockers). Moon thread is available in 150 colors and each reel contains 1000yds (915m) of thread.

Typical maxi-lock all purpose thread weight

Thread weight is a measurement of length and the lower the number the heavier the thread. Typical maxi-lock thread is 40 weight, meaning that 40 kilometers of 40 weight thread would weigh 1kg.

A 30 weight thread would be heavier and only require 30 kilometers to weight the same. 40 weight maxi-lock thread works best with a 90/14 size needle.

Maxi-lock thread is popular (but is it good?)

Serger thread doesn't need to match

Serger sewing thread doesn't need to match every color in your fabric. You will most often get eye pleasing results when matching only one color. Alternatively, you can use a base color from the same range of colors that matches none of them exactly.

Tip: Focus on lighter colors when no match is available because stronger colors draw the eye to them.

Sewing vs embroidery thread

Embroidery thread is more decorative in appearance when compared with regular sewing thread. Embroidering thread is typically shinier, with more vibrant colors, and is available in more textures than sewing thread. As a result, regular sewing thread is generally stronger and more durable than embroidery specific thread whether it's cotton or polyester.

Popular thread for serger sewing machines

The most popular thread used in serger sewing machines is Polyester thread because of it's strength, durability and flexibility. Some sewing projects require a specific thread type, such as nylon or cotton thread, but most do not. Polyester thread also has the benefit of being slightly less expensive and more durable overall.

The best all-purpose sewing thread

Before the invention of polyester thread it was common for natural sewing thread to break frequently and inconveniently. Today, most sewing machine thread has a polyester core that prevents thread breakage by making it slightly stretchy. As a result the best all purpose thread has a polyester core or is entirely made of polyester.

Thread types (and number) to use on a serger

Regular thread DOES work on a serger sewing machine, but will run out more quickly. The number of threads to use at one time depends on the machine. A 2-4 serger sewing machine requires two to four threads, depending on setting. Likewise a 3-4 Serger requires a minimum of three and maximum of four threads and a 5 thread serger machine requires five threads.

Thread Colors are (almost) universal

Ordering thread of a specific color from a color card that fails to match your fabric can be frustrating. Thankfully thread manufacturers pay attention to the fabric colors of competitors more now than ever. As a result, most thread colors are universal between brands and, most often, what you see on a color card is exactly what you get.

The best thread type for your sewing machine

Polyester thread is best to use for sewing synthetic fabric on your sewing machine. This is because Polyester can stretch a small amount making it more forgiving than cotton. Also, Polyester thread is less likely to shrink when compared with cotton thread. For natural fabric, cotton thread with a Polyester core works extremely well.

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