Choosing a New Sewing Machine? Helpful Tips

In choosing a new sewing machine, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, think about what types of projects you will be using the machine for. Do you need this feature? Do you need complicated settings?

Probably not.

Determining what you need (and don’t) will help you determine which features and functions are most important to your specific needs.

Trust me, I know, those new machines have lots of flashing lights and fun capabilities, but save your $$ if you won’t ever use them.

You’ll definite appreciate the lower repair bills over time if you avoid expensive features in the first place.

An example, if you will be doing a lot of quilting, you may want a machine with a larger throat space and more powerful motor.

Research different brands and read reviews from other users to get a sense of the quality and reliability of the machines.

It’s also a good idea to try out the machine in person, if possible, to see how it feels and how easy it is to use.

You should also think about the price of the machine.

Sewing machines can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it.

Keep in mind that a more expensive machine may have more features and be of higher quality, but it may not necessarily be the best fit for your needs.

Finally, consider the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer.

A good warranty can provide peace of mind and help protect your investment, while customer support can be helpful if you have any questions or issues with your machine.

The best type of sewing machine for home use

Cost aside, the best type of sewing machine for home use is determined by your skill level and what you plan to sew.

For light duty sewing by a beginner, a machine like the Janome MOD-19 is an excellent choice.

With minimal experience, a good even stitcher such as the Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is a good choice.

For the more experienced tailor, the Janome HD1000 works well, especially with heavier fabrics.

Choosing a new sewing machine - Important considerations

The most reliable brand of sewing machine is…

When used as directed by the manufacturer, most new sewing machines are reliable.

Current research of Amazon reviews suggests the most reliable machines are the Juki MO654DE portable thread serger, the Brother 1034D serger, the Brother 2340CV coverstitch serger, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 computerized portable and the Singer Stylist 7258 100-Stitch computerized sewing machine.

The best sewing machines between Singer and Brother

For starters, Brother and Singer sewing machine brands offer a comparable model for almost all sewing related needs.

It doesn’t matter which price-range, which type of material or the level of features you need, both Brother and Singer(and others) have a model best suited for any specific need.

The trick is to determine what you need because both companies have similar solutions.

Janome is a well known brand of sewing machine

Janome and Brother are likely the most widely known brands of home sewing machine.

Yes, Janome is a good brand, but to determine if it’s the best brand for your needs consider your budget, your experience and what you plan to do with your Janome machine.

Each and every sewing machine model has it’s own slight benefits and drawbacks, choose accordingly.

How much to spend on a sewing machine

Never spend more than you can afford.

With that in mind, first figure out exactly how many features and what kind of sewing you need to complete the projects you’ve planned.

Additionally, consider future-proofing your purchase by considering features you think you might eventually need.

You can start sewing for as little as $150, how much more is needed depends on your personal goals.

The sewing machines used for Project Runway

The Brother LB6770 PRW sewing machine was the first for Project Runway to feature embroidery.

The CS8800PRW is also a Project Runway™ Limited Edition computerized sewing machine with many useful features that can be put to good use.

Sewing machines have improved over time

Sewing machines revolutionized the sewing industry when they first became commercially viable, and they continue to change.

The two biggest changes to were the introduction of electric sewing machines and, more recently, the addition of electronic models capable of performing automated sewing tasks.

Perhaps computers will be able to help sew entire pieces of clothing at home in the near future.

Computerized sewing machines are easy to use

Feature rich computerized sewing machines have revolutionized the home sewing industry.

Their complexity and price vary based on how many features they have, but all are relatively easy to use and simple to program.

The introduction of computerized sewing machines has changed sewing forever, just as the first mechanical machines did in the early 1900s.

Sewing is a great marketable skill (and rewarding!)

Sewing is a great marketable skill to have. You can use it to repair your clothes, make new clothes, or just enjoy it as a fun hobby.

You never know when sewing skills might come in handy.

Become proficient at sewing can also inspire you to learn other new skills by giving you the confidence to give them a try.

Saving money isn’t the only reason to consider learning to sew.