What 80 12 Sewing Needles Are Used For

The size 80/12 needle is a medium-sized needle that is suitable for use with a wide range of fabrics, including medium-weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, and chiffon.

It is a good all-purpose needle that can be used for most sewing projects.

The size 80/12 needle is typically used for sewing garments, bags, and other items made from medium-weight fabrics.

About universal sewing machine needles

Style 2020 needles are universal and used for all woven fabrics. 2020 needles will penetrate the fabric threads of woven fabrics.

Style 2045 ball point needles are used for sewing on knits, the rounded tip allows the needle to pass between the fabric threads by separating them.

The best universal sewing needle size

The slightly rounded points of the best universal needles are sharp enough to pierce woven cotton fabrics, but not so sharp as to damage knits.

They come in sizes ranging from 60/8 to 120/19, however, a good starting point is the 80/12 size.

To save money, look for assorted needle packs that include two or three different needle sizes.

Sewing machine needles that work on leather

Cutting point sewing machine needles work well on heavy leather materials.

For lighter weight leather, something like an R point Groz-Beckert sewing needle works well.

R point needles are considered sharp enough to punch through light leather quite easily.

What 80 12 sewing needles are used for

Singer sewing machines use the same needles

Singer quality-crafted machine needles are strong and durable enough for denim fabric hems or industrial zippers.

Intended for all-purpose use, with regular point needles for use on woven fabrics, Singer needles are universal, super-strong and fit all home sewing machines.

Most sewing machine needles are universal

The three most common types of needles are sharp, ballpoint, and universal. Sharp needles work with all woven fabric.

A sharp point is especially helpful when sewing straight lines and tasks such as top stitching.

The majority of needles are universal needles.

Embroidery needles vs sewing needles

Embroidery needles have larger eyes than regular sewing needles to accommodate embroidery thread.

The sharp tips on embroidery needles penetrate tightly woven fabric and felt better.

What 70 10 sewing needles are for

70 10 sewing needles have a slightly rounded point and are best for projects with woven fabric and knits.

70 10 needles are excellent all-purpose needles that work with any household sewing machine brand.

Brocade, fleece, thin leather and velvet also work well with 70 10 needles.

The best sewing machine needles

  • Groz-Beckert Sewing Machine Needles
  • Schmetz Universal – Size 75/11
  • Singer Multi 4758 Heavy Duty Machine Needles
  • Honeysew Blue, Purple, Red Tip Needles
  • 50 Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles
  • Organ Flat Shank – size 70/10

Why sewing machine needles break

Over time, sewing machine needles suffer stress damage or bend slightly, especially when sewing thick fabric.

Too much bend can cause the needle to strike the feed dogs, throat plate, or bobbin case of the sewing machine.

Excessive needle breaking can be avoided by slowing down while sewing or by using a sharper needle.